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There is not only one strategy with the Signals Pro indicator. Signals Pro has been developed to fit anybody’s trading type and keep you at the driver’ seat at all times.

Buy/Sell Signals

This is the simplest strategy. It shows the user the best entry based on a combination of multiple indicators and price action. That’s definitely the most recommended strategy for beginning traders. Keep in mind that TP (Take Profit) signals are strongly recommended when using the Buy/Sell strategy on shorter time frame. The reason is that crypto is very volatile and can revert any time so it’s best to put some profit aside and look the trade develop.

When using the TP signals as recommended, it’s up to the user to set the stop loss at entry, to keep the trade in profit, or leave it as is and take the risk that the price ends up lower (long) or higher (short) than the entry price.

Some users would argue that the best strategy, even if not the most profitable is the one that would exit the trade on first TP signal. The argument is that 40% of the trades reverse after the first TP due to volatility. Not our favorite approach at Trading-Edge as we like to keep the best trades run as long as possible and keep the bad trades short with minimal loss.

Bitcoin bull run 2020
$BTC Daily timeframe

Bar colors/trackline

The bar colors/trackline is a very interesting strategy. The Signals Pro indicator identifies trend changes pretty well and as such will keep you in the trend despite the volatility of the asset.

This strategy is recommended on higher timeframe where trends last much longer.

$QNT Daily timeframe
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