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Quick Start Guide

Settings page 1
  • ATR Lenght: used to calculate the trailing stop
  • High/Lows look back: will determine the trailing stop moves
  • MA type: select fast or slow based on your trading type
  • MA Length: This value will determine the trackline length. default: 20
  • Show Daily Trackline: check this box to display the daily trackline (white color) on any timeframe. Can be useful to show if the price is currently going in the same direction as longer timeframe
  • Signals smoothing: this setting helps reduce the fakeouts and and false signals by waiting for confirmation
  • Show trackline: hide or display the current timeframe trackline
  • Show trend fill: hide/display the trend fill between the trackline and the candles. trend fill will be red when price is under the trackline and green when price is above the trackline. this setting has no impact on the signals and is purely decorative
  • Show Buy/Sell signals: simply hide/display the Sell/Buy and close signals. Buy signals appear in green below the candle. Sells signals appear in red above the candle. Close signals appear in white in the same direction as the original trade.
  • Show TP (Take Profit) signals: hide/display TP signals. TP signals appear in yellow below (long) or above (short) the candle bar
  • Show strength arrows: Hide/display green strength arrows or red strength arrows
  • Close only when trailing stop is hit: some trader don’t like trailing stop and prefer to exit a trade as soon as it gets weak. By unchecking this box, a close signal as soon as the asset shows potential reversal (close below trackline with red strength arrow in a long or close above trackline with green strength arrow in a short)
  • trade only in the direction of the daily trackline: this setting reduces drastically the number of trades and will display longs when price is above the daily trackline and shorts when price is below the daily trackline.
  • Show Reversals: hide/display Reversal (R) and Reversal confirmed (RC). Down Reversal confirms when the price closes below the previous candle low wick. Up Reversal confirms when the price closes above the previous candle high wick. Reversals are also noticeable with a different candle bar color: Teal for up reversal and yellow for down reversals.
  • Show bar colors: hide/display the current timeframe trend. Green color for uptrend. Red color for downtrend.
  • Show trailing: hide/display the trailing stop
  • Show current trade: hide/display the table at the top of your TV screen with the current trade (Long or short), the entry price, the price of the trailing stop and the success rate based on your settings and timeframe.
  • Oscillator type: used to generate all signals of the system
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