Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Signals generated?

“Buy” and “Sell” signals are generated based on a series of indicators and tuned to provide not only the best but the most accurate entries.

“Close” signals are generated when the price has closed above or below the trailing stop.

Can we generate alerts on generated signals?

Yes. Alerts are embedded into the code and can be enabled by simply adding an alert on your favorite stock or crypto in Trading View. When setup on your favorite timeframe and asset, the alerts will pop up for entries (Buy/Sell), take profit (TP), exit (close) and confirmed reversals.

What are the "TP" signals?

TP is short for Take Profit. it gives you a signal that the price may be reversing and taking a profit here is recommended. Many TP signals can be generated in a trade. We recommend taking profit when a significant price difference is observed between the signals or when your risk appetite has reached limits.

Does the Signals indicator work on different timeframes?

Yes. Simply change the timeframe in your Trading View platform and the Signals indicator will adjust all the parameters automatically. Our favorite timeframe at Trading Edge is the 1h for intraday trading and the Daily for spots.

How do i get access to the indicator?

Once available on November 1 2022, you will be able to subscribe to the Signals indicator. Be sure to create a Trading View account so that we can add the indicator to your account.

Why is the "Signals" indicator more profitable than others

Simply put: keep your losses small and ride the successful trades longer. Many indicator/trading gurus recommend to take profit 1R or 2R (risk 1 gain 1 or 2). Why stopping your profitable trades when the trend is strong and strength signals confirm to stay in the trade ? Wait for the Signals indicator to show you when the trend exhausts and when it’s time to Take profit or exit.

Is Signals indicator 100% successful?

No. No system is perfect. Remember that the success rate is only here to help choose the most profitable settings for the asset you want to trade. By adjusting the settings based on your appetite and trading type you wll notice that the success rate changes. The sucess rate also changes significantly on every asset and different assets can have a better success rate with different settings.

What about leverage trading with Signals indicator?

The Signals indicator by Trading Edge doesn’t predict the future but follow price action based on multiple indicators. With an accuracy and rate success of 65+%, it is highly profitable if the traders remains in the trade. Over leveraging doesn’t give enough margin to stay in the trade. 

 Start Making Profits Today

 Start Making Profits Today

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